About Us

CH News Inc. is a leader in the wholesale distribution of newspapers and magazines. In operation 365 days a year all of our departments are committed to providing quality service to our Publisher and Retail clients every day.

Customer Service

CH News, in the past and currently, has the capability of increasing its account base without any loss of quality service to the customer.

Every Monday Independent Drivers pick up returns and payments due from the previous week. Our Collectors and Sales Representatives strive to keep cut offs to a minimum.

The entire staff at CH News, Inc. knows and understands the importance of quality customer service. Acting as the “front line” representative for the publications we distribute we expect all our personnel (including Drivers, Sales Representatives and Office Staff) to address all questions and concerns received from our accounts in a quick, courteous and efficient manner.

Quality Customer
 Service does not just happen, it is worked on daily.


CH News has over 70 independent drivers who deliver newspapers and magazines to over 3,000 accounts throughout Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Union and Essex Counties in New Jersey.

The goal of our drivers:

Complete all deliveries within company guidelines (by 7:00 AM).
  • Deliver all products to each account in good condition with accurate counts.
Deliver all products to a designated location per account request.
Collect weekly.
Get accurate return information.
  • Develop a good working relationship with account owners / managers.
Value added: our drivers look for new accounts within their routes. They will try to start the potential account and /or communicate this information to the Sales Representatives for follow up.
  • Sales

CH News, Inc. 
takes pride in its customer service. Our experienced Sales Representatives periodically visit all accounts. All stores that call our office with a question or concern receive a call or visit from our Sales Representatives.

While visiting accounts our Representatives will:

Check with the Storeowner / Manager to insure 
satisfactory delivery (accurate counts, on time etc.).
Check newspaper displays.
Check position of display.
  • Resolve any collection or credit problem.
Develop a relationship with the Storeowner / Manager to gain cooperation when requesting to put up POP material, during any promotions or contests and if the possibility for a second position is available.
  • Check the surrounding areas for possible new accounts (both traditional and non traditional).
Monitor the results of any publisher promotions
  • Deliver racks when available and needed

Many wholesalers
 do not have dedicated Sales Representatives and are not able to provide the services listed. We, at CH News Inc, consider the above to be good business practices that can potentially help increase sales in our service areas.



  • Provide a courteous and professional atmosphere to Storeowner / Managers calling CH News, Inc.
Resolve / answer any questions or concerns. Alert the Sales Representatives as necessary.
Provide drivers with accurate draw information daily.
Provide accurate information to publishers.


Our routes are developed using up to date technology. This enables us to create routes that can be delivered efficiently each day.

tasks that can be accomplished by Drivers and Sale Representatives:

Increase the number of all Publisher sale locations by getting permission to put more titles in active accounts that are currently not selling the specific product.
POP distribution by drivers and Sales
  • Check specific accounts during promotions or Publishers
special offers.


Our state of the art computer system helps set us apart from other wholesalers and distribution agents and will help us sell as many papers as possible in our distribution area. We currently use a custom tailored Web Based Application to power our unique distribution system (SQL, Cold Fusion, Flex).  This system is Multi-tiered Web Server based in order to cope with all technological demand and upgrades. It currently supports all the standard reports that publisher requires from us and is able to produce reports with unique specifications upon request. This system can also handle all ABC required documentation.  We currently have state of the art Voice over IP Phone System with Unlimited Number lines to cope with current and future demands.  We are also upgrading our IT Infrastructure to be based in SQL, Adobe Coldfusion And Flex 3.0 in order to handle the increased volume now or in the near future in customer care and satisfaction. Publishers will have access to our web based system via the Internet and will be able to regulate their Publications and generate reports. Draw regulations can also be maintained by CH News using return % set by publisher.