Frequently Asked Questions


A shortage occurs when the number on your wrapper is less than the number of physical papers/magazines received. When this happens, you must call customer service immediately because you have 24 hours to be credited for the missing newspapers/magazines.


When calling please have your account number ready. It is located on the top right of your wrapper. We will need to know the issue date, title, and quantity.


Not Received Papers on Time

You should receive your papers at the time agreed upon (normally 6:30-7:30). In the event they are not there, call customer service department at 201-963-1028. They will inform you of the status of the trucks.


Holiday or Vacation Closing

If you are planning to close for a holiday or vacation, call at least 48 hours in advanced. For example, if you plan to close on a Monday, notify customer service by 12pm on Friday. You may call customer service at 201-963-1028 or fill out the form online:


Draw Adjustments

If you need to make any draw adjustments such as increasing or decreasing the quantity of a specific publication. You may call customer service at 201-963-1028.


Billing Cycle and Payments

CH News' billing cycle starts Monday through Sunday. You will receive a weekly invoice, return bag, and return form by the weekending date on Sunday. Payments and return bag (with return form inside) must be ready for pick up on Monday.


See how to package a return bag for newspapers
See how to package a return bag for magazines

How to read your Wrapper

The wrapper is normally delivered daily with your order of physical publications. You would normally use it to check for shortages. If it does occur you must have your account number handy and call customer service at 201-963-1028. Your wrapper indicates the amount of physical publications ordered and what you will receive in your invoice.

How to read your Weekly Invoice

Your Weekly Invoice will normally be given to you by the end of the billing cycle on Sunday. On your invoice, you will see what you are being billed and your previous week's return credits.

How to read your Return Form

The Return Form must be submitted on a weekly basis. It must be placed at the very top in the return bag with the physical returns.
See how to package a return bag for newspapers
See how to package a return bag for magazines