How to Package Magazine Returns

CH News has been delivering several magazine titles to New Jersey stores. We have been delivering for magazines such as the Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, FHM, Men's Health, and Time Magazine. It is extremely important to follow our instructions on how to package magazines in order to get your return. CH News uses the latest in computer scanning technology to provide returns. It is important to make sure all magazines returned have a legible UPC code.

It is important to note, the UPC code is most important part of the magazine in order for stores to get their returns. It is important that the barcode is legible and clean. Our computer system ensures accurate returns based on scanning these barcodes therefore we request the entire magazine to be returned.


Drivers will deliver an invoice to all accounts weekly. These invoices must be paid in full weekly at the store level. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service Representatives at: 201-963-1028.


Below are the steps store owners need to take in order to get your return: